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The above images represent a cross section of my work as a retoucher and more recently 3D packs and visuals with Cinema 4D. You can see further examples and breakdowns of the images on my other folio pages. More info below.



Paradoks provides high end retouching from an experienced professional with over 30 years in the photographic industry. A long time assistant, occasional photographer, and what feels like a lifetime as a retoucher, I am now introducing elements of CGI into my workflow, as well as rendering purely 3D packaging and visuals.


Having spent a long time in the studio I enjoy working directly with photographers, the 3D element of my work is developing and more often sneaking into retouching jobs. Creating backgrounds, and digital sets, populating scenes with various objects. Creating visuals for upcoming shoots, exploring angles, various crops, lenses and the perspectives of products and sets.


Im equally happy to pick up a job from an agency and just make it work with whatever you have. Many of my projects are for whole product ranges, multi format usage, sometimes with movable layers and smart objects etc, across various mediums and colour spaces.


Based in Epsom I freelance in London as well as working online with clients both locally and globally.


Im always happy to come in for a production meeting and pick up a brief whether working in your office or mine. Feel free to give me a call any time.